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External link opens in new tab or windowFire extinguishing system If a fire breaks out, the right fire protection equipment can make a significant difference between danger and safety. Call the safety technicians of Safety Connections in Lavinia, TN to learn more about the basics of fire protection. We are a locally owned company serving in the fire extinguisher service industry for over 13 years.

Basic Fire Protection Equipment

While selling and servicing fire protection equipment, we always strive to provide dependable service and responsible and honest pricing.You can always count on our safety technicians for direct, old-fashioned communication. Get in touch with us and be one of our satisfied customers.

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Safety Connections offers more than fire protection equipment and services. Our safety technicians are here to teach clients how to stay calm and act smartly in the event of a fire emergency. Start practicing proper fire protection methods by calling our staff at 1-731-695-5027.